SLURRY processing

Good cubicle bedding for the cow at a low cost price: that is good for the farmer and for the cow. You can produce your own cubicle bedding using a slurry separator.

Veenhuis offers a range of slurry separators consisting of electrically driven screw presses with various features. Veenhuis can supply an appropriate slurry separator model for every application. Veenhuis slurry separators are characterised by their high capacity, simple maintenance and low wear and tear.

Advantages of separated slurry
Separating slurry into a thin and a thick fractions offers the following benefits:

  • In-house production of cubicle bedding
  • Production of solid manure for pasture
  • Optimum usage of your slurry storage space
  • Optimum comfort for the cow
  • Fewer hoof problems
  • Savings compared with sawdust bedding
  • High dry matter content
  • No sediment in the pit

For more information please call 01842 890335 or click on the images below to download a BROCHURE

Compact SEPRAMAX separator

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