Manure Spreader

Perard designs three ranges of spreaders with vertical rotors of Ø 750 mm, 860 mm and 1 050 mm for capacities ranging from 9 to 30 m³ and a range of table spreaders for capacities ranging from 17 to 21 m³.

Optium spreaders with vertical rotors are designed for high-quality spreading, both narrow and wide, with great precision from 3 tonnes per hectare.

For more information please call 01842 890335 or click on the images below for more information

Optium K series – Rotor Ø750

Optium L series – Rotor Ø860

Optium SLC series – Rotor Ø1050

Optium SL series – Rotor Ø1050

Optium T series – Narrow body Spreading table

Optium T series – Large body Spreading table

On-board electronics


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