Liquids & Solids Recycling

  Recycling to land

TWS operate on our own 2500 acre farm, with weighbridge and lagoon complex. We crop the land according to the waste we receive ensuring that we have available land for most of the year, our lagoon storage see’s us through the times of year we can not spread, i.e. closed periods and adverse climactic condition. We have several methods of applying the waste to our fields all of which are controlled by the Environment Agency via our environmental Permit (SR2010No4). A full audit trail is provided to our customers with records maintained for a minimum of 6 years.

Examples of suitable wastes;

  • Food preparation wastes
  • Beverage productions wastes
  • Water production wastes
  • Inland Dredgings
  • Digested sludge wastes
  • Paper production wastes

  Restoration Sites

Typically old Landfills which need capping and bringing back in to public use, we receive a wide range of mainly construction wastes (non haz), the sites are capped to stop the leaching of waste held within the old landfill, the site is then restored to its designated use i.e. park, Nature reserve etc.

Examples of suitable wastes;

  • Construction Wastes
  • Drilling Sluries
  • Green Waste
  • Inland Dredgings

 Anaerobic Digestion

An environmentally friendly technology turning high calorific waste into Green energy, which also producing a digestate which can be spread to agricultural land for benefit to the crops, while also reducing the need for artificial fertilizers.

Examples of suitable wastes;

  • Food Waste (liquid and solid)
  • Fats and Greases

Green Waste Recycling

Windrow and in Vessel composting, producing an great fertilizer and soil improver.

Examples of suitable wastes;

  • Food Waste (liquid and solid)
  • Green Waste
  • Digested Sludges

Bulk Liquid Waste disposal

Our road tanker fleet, extensive knowledge of the waste industry and our network of treatment site available we can service your liquid waste needs in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way possible.

Examples of suitable wastes;

  • Sewage (raw and digested)
  • Hazardous waste

 Agricultural contracting & Haulage

With our farming background we can provide a full service, from ploughing through to harvesting, along with grain drying and storage operation. We operate specialist liquid spreading equipment allowing us to spread over 1000t per, with experienced operators who take care and show pride in the jobs they do.

Examples of services;

  • Management and spreading of organic Manures
  • Tilling, Ploughing and Drilling
  • Storage (solid and liquid)
  • Screening and drying
  • Bulk Liquid tanker (2000 gallons to 6000 gallons)
  • Bulkers for solid waste
  • Walking floor trailers for high volume wastes


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