Contract & Project Work

Lagoon Cleaning

With years of experience and specialist equipment we can provide you the best available solution to empty and clean you lagoon, we have a tractor mounted lagoon stirrer with a head mounted pump, re-circulation system and clean down jet, we can move wastes up to 20% solids,  and volumes of  up to 1m3 per minute, we have 100m3 mobile storage tanks to allow for continuous processing, and along with volume reductions techniques like Geo Bags and centrifuges we can minimise the volume removed from site and considerably reduce your costs

Confined Space entry / Industrial Cleaning

From Tank cleaning to digester cleaning and everything in between TWS has a  confined space trained team with years of experience within industrial cleaning, we will provide comprehensive risk assessments and method statement, confined space classification to ensure the correct safety equipment is in place, we have a Hi-Vacuum jetting tankers, support tankers mobile waste reduction screens and mobile storage tanks to get the job done on time and on budget.

On Site Waste reduction

TWS operates a mobile waste reduction screen, we can operate this in any situation which requires liquid and solids separation. We have recently modified the screen to separate solids too, we are also able to wash hydrocarbons from contaminated stones and soils. The screen is highly versatile and can be adapted to separate just about anything, please give us a call if you would like use to look at anything you may need separating and i’m sure we can provide a cost effective solution.

Land and Water Surveys

Contaminated land, settled silt, water way embankments or local ecology are a small example of the surveys we have performed for our customer base in the past. We will survey and report on our findings and offer solutions depending on what the survey uncovers, no job is to small, too big or too complex.

Water way Maintenance and Cleaning

Working with our client base ranging from Utilities company, regulatory bodies and organisations with Riparian ownership we have restored rivers back to health, repaired embankments using a numbers of techniques to achieve our clients goals. We always gain the necessary consents from the the Environment agency and employ suitable abatement measures to minimise our impact on the local ecology while work is undertaken.

Complete Waste Handling Solutions

We can provide your company with a free waste audit, we will assess all of you waste streams and based on up to date legislation, best practice, new technologies and a wealth of industry experience we can advise and provide solutions on the most cost effective and environmentally friendly options for you waste streams. We can even find cost neutral or even cost positives solutions in some cases.

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