FEED HOSE systems

In the Netherlands, the limited period for spreading slurry means that agricultural contractors, livestock farmers and crop farmers are obliged to apply slurry in a short time. Poorer soils and wet conditions
often make it difficult to apply slurry early in the season with slurry injector tanks. Where the slurry tanks stop in these
conditions, the drag hose system keeps going!

Soil compaction slows down crop growth. Veenhuis drag hose systems feature 12-metre operating width and the combination of this
and low tyre pressure minimises soil compaction during injection to give your crops the best possible growing conditions. The drag hose system provides a continuous supply of slurry
so no time is lost loading and unloading; a drag hose system can keep fertilising non-stop.

For more information please call 01842 890335 or click on the images below to download a BROCHURE

ROTOMAX draghose system

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